Goodbye 2017 & Hello 2018!

Wow! Like I am sure many of you are feeling I cannot believe 2018 is here! Though I am VERY excited for 2018 I have to say 2017 was an amazing year. Here is a quick recap!

January 2017

Our girls turned 1! If you are new to the blog, the girls are our puppies, we are obsessed with them.

February 2017

I went on a trip to Sedona with Bloguettes to one of my favorite resorts, L’Auberge It was cold, quick, and tons of fun with the girls!

March 2017

We went to Mexico for Jacob’s 22nd birthday!

April 2017

Jacob surprised me with a trip to San Fran for 22nd Birthday! It was SO much fun!

May 2017

We went to Hawaii for our 1 year anniversary and went to California to attend a wedding and some beach time.

A little over a month ago Jacob and I went to Kauai to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary.

June 2017

In June we went to Seattle to shoot a wedding, coached our high school students at CIY (church camp), and I went to Miami for some photography work.

July 2017

In July we went to Flagstaff a few times, once for 4th of July & once for a wedding.

August 2017

I went California to visit family and of course some work.

September 2017

In September we went on our annual friends Mexico trip. Went to California again, and launched our online clothing store, The Emmerly Collection!

October 2017

In October we went to Disney World to celebrate Jacob graduating with his MBA and attended Phoenix’s first large music festival, Lost Lakes.


November 2017

In November we went to Sayulita, Mexico to shoot a wedding and vacay with our friends!

December 2017

In December we bought our first house and moved in!!


2017 was an amazing year full of adventure, firsts, and growth. Even though 2017 was a great year I am SO excited for 2018! There are a few things already set but I am sure there will be more added throughout the year. In 2018 I am excited to travel throughout Europe, shoot a wedding in London, explore Lake Tahoe and shoot a wedding on the lake in a castle! Continue to fix up our backyard and hosts parties when it’s complete. Spend more time on my blog & Youtube channel. Fix my gut issues and get back to feeling great. I do have a few goals and changes I want for 2018 and here are just a few of them:

  1. Wake up earlier to fit in a morning routine.
  2. Read before bed instead of being on my phone.
  3. Post on a regular schedule every week!
  4. Stop working at night & spend time with others.

I do have some goals for my business and blog but I wont bore you with those 😉

Like I said before, and I feel like I will continue to say, I am SO excited for 2018. Thank you so much for everyone who has supported me/us over the past year(s), I think this next year will be the best one yet! Stay tuned for amazing content that I cannot wait to share with you all!


Karlie Colleen

(Featured Image: TJ Shull)

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