Hello 22

Hello 22, that was fast. Honestly I never thought you would come. I pictured 18, I saw 20, I dreamt 21, but I never imaged 22. Nothings wrong with you 22, I just didn’t plan for you.

I am the definition of a planner, but the older I get (which isn’t old, I know) the less I am planning, and the more I am floating through. The 365 days from 21 to 22 might be the most I have ever learned within 1 year of my life. So future Karlie, when you read this later on in life, I want you to remember what you learned within the last year, because this past year was one of the best and most challenging times in your life. In the end it was and always will be all positive, even the struggles you endured this past year, they have molded you, taught you, and pushed you to who you are now and will continue to become.


22 lessons learned in the year of becoming 22


  1. You can’t bring your money to heaven. Letting go, spending money on experiences is just as important as saving. Continue to save for rainy days but equally enjoy life and let go a little.


  1.  Extreme couponing is harder than it looks.


  1. Fruit has carbs, I know, it sucks.


  1. Work hard and play equally as hard.


  1. Love yourself, every curve, every dimple and scar. If you can’t love yourself now, it will only get harder.


  1. Marrying your bestfriend is the biggest blessing you will ever receive.


  1. Everyone has their own path. Babies, buying a home, school, all of it. There is no “right time” we all do it different, and that’s good!


  1. Watching a baby be born is one of the coolest experiences you will ever see. Breathtaking and mind blowing all at the same time.


  1. People will leave your life, it will break your heart, but you’re resilient, you will heal and be okay.


  1. Google calendar is everything!


  1. You can have a drink, you won’t become him.


  1. Puppy snuggles in the morning is the best way to start the day.


  1. Sometimes we all need a cry session, it’s okay. Cry it out, vent about what is hurting you, and have a good sincere friend there to help walk you through your pain.


  1. Rolling down the windows in the car, blasting a good song, having a dance competition and sticking your head out that window will always make you feel alive, do it often.


  1. 1-21 taught you how to trust and believe everyone. 22 has taught you to not believe anyone, to not trust what anyone says. I hope this changes. Your heart is so guarded right now, I pray the walls break down someday.


  1. Weddings will always make me cry, even when I am working it.


  1. Eat more protein! And when you think you have had the recommended amount for the day, eat more, because you haven’t!


  1. Traveling truly are your happiest moments, so never stop packing that bag.


  1. Marriage is the best thing ever!!


  1. Always document your life. You love doing it, you love looking back on moments, and it’s one of your favorite hobbies.


  1. Being a wife is my favorite hat. Continue to water your marriage daily. You have the best husband out there, never take him for granted.

22. Truly everything happens for a reason, we can question it all we want, but in the end, it was meant to be, so let it.


22, you will be good to me, I know it. This next year will have so many more “news”, embrace it. Love the challenges as much as the good and know that everything that happens will make sense down the road. Continue to love others and life as much as you do now, it is one of the best qualities about you, don’t let it go!


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