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What Is Up With The Lestinas?!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would pop up a quick blog post to talk about what the heck is going on in our lives right now. I am always on the go and rarely in Phoenix for a long period of time, and it finally hit me the other day that my friends and family have now come accustom to that.

I started getting questions of “when will you be in Phoenix again?” or “whenever you are home let me know!” that is when I really noticed I am gone probably more than I am home. But to be honest with you all that is exactly the way I want it. I love Phoenix and it is home to me, but I feel my happiest self when I am traveling, driving, flying, living in a suitcase, and reading maps more than Facebook posts. I am so lucky to have a husband that is SO supportive of my somewhat nomad life. He knows my independence is important to me, that my free spirit gets restless when I am in one spot for too long, and loves to see me happy while traveling with him or sometimes without.

So what is new in our lives?

Jacob is about to graduate with his MBA! AH! He will be walking the stage this October and I am so flippin excited. In about 2 weeks we will be taking our first annual friend trip to Mexico, we are starting this tradition with our friends and hope to go somewhere new each year. The weekend after that I will be in Palm Springs for a video workshop, which I am so stoked for! End of September we will be in California for a super exciting project that I will be announcing soon! The start of October Jacob and I will be heading to Florida for his graduation gift! End of October we will be attending the Lost Lakes Festival in Phoenix! Cannot wait to see Luda and Chance The Rapper! Beginning of November we will be in Mexico shooting a wedding with two of our good friends, and it is a new part of Mexico we have never been to! Once we get home from that Mexico trip, 2 days later we will head back down to Mexico for a family trip. I am super excited for our family trip because my niece Ava should be walking around this time! Between all of the traveling I will be in Phoenix shooting my amazing couples and their stellar weddings they all have planned, and not to mention my amazing Seniors that are already on top of their game and scheduling all their sessions early, woot woot!

I have 2 projects in the works that will be out very soon that I cannot wait to share with all! They have both been in the works for months so I am very excited the secrets will be out soon 🙂

Also Jacob and I have been doing the macros diet for almost a week now and it is life changing, I will be posting more about it when we get a few more weeks of experience with it.

Lola and Ella (our pups) are doing great, Lola will be starting a new workout plan next week, she has a hard time keeping the weight off. Ella is her usual crazy self and would prefer to continue cuddling and skip dinner.

My work has been amazing! Next month will be a year of being full-time and I am so excited to celebrate it with Jacob! God has truly blessed my company more than I could have ever imagined. I am spending time right now to brainstorm this next year, what I want to change in my company and ways I want to grow for year 2 of being full-time.

I can’t think of anything else to say soooo I am going to end the blog post here. If you guys want to stay in touch between the blog posts follow me on Instagram @KarlieColleen and if you ever have any questions or blog post ideas you want to see, comment below or you can DM me on Instagram!

Until next time!

Karlie Colleen

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