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Wait For The One That Puts You First

Heyyyy everybody! New week is here so that means it’s time for my weekly update and random thoughts post! And of course, my weekly vlog! Woot woot! Today we are talking about husbands….

(I added those dots to add a dramatic feel lol)


So first, I leave to Europe in less than two weeks! Ah! I am so excited to be going back to some of my favorite places and some new ones. First we will be going to London because I am shooting a wedding there. I am super excited for the wedding because the couple is SO cute! Then we will be going to Paris, Italy, and Spain. This will be my third time to London and Paris, 2nd time to Italy, and my first time to Spain. I am super excited to explore Spain but equally as excited to go back the other three countries that I love so much. For this trip I will be traveling with my friend Hannah, I am excited for this girls trip and to be with a fellow girl who has extreme diet issues like me, haha.

Which speaking of diet! For those who do not know I have been on an elimination diet to heal my gut since January 1st. I thought it would be extremely hard because I had to cut out 52 food allergies, but with an AMAZING HUSBAND it really hasn’t been that bad. I am actually really proud of myself for conquering three weeks and currently on my fourth week! I will be doing a full post on my leaking gut, my food allergy testing, and the processes once I have completed it all.

So now lets talk about HUSBANDS. Now I am not going to lie I am going to brag a little on mine, because to be honest he is pretty darn cool. But more importantly for those who are not married yet I want to speak to you the most.

So Jacob is a really good husband, like really good. Now he does mess up sometimes and yes we get in arguments, no relationship is perfect, but he is pretty awesome 99% of the time 😉  Jacob works a full time job throughout the week, and then comes home everyday and helps me take blog photos, watch a video I edited to give me pointers, helps me film for my YouTube channel, sits there and comforts me when I am breaking down about something, etc. Then when that is over we go to the gym and then he comes home and makes specific meals every night for my extreme diet. Not only do they meet my requirements but they are SO good and different every night so I never get bored. Then on the weekends Jacob either helps me with a project for my blog/Youtube or he is shooting a wedding with me. Jacob often doesn’t get a full weekend of relaxation because I ALWAYS have something that he is helping me with.

So I am going to stop bragging on my husband and tell you what the point is I am trying to make.

Jacob helps me every night and all weekend because

  1. He loves me
  2. My dreams are just as important to him as his own dreams
  3. He lays down himself to take care of his wife
  4. He puts my needs and wants before his own

In church a few weeks ago they were talking about relationships the different types of fighting there are, and the end of the message it was broken down to there is only ONE type of successful/good fight in marriage. And that is a continuous fight between husband and wife on who can lay themselves down more and bring up their spouse the most. No matter what.

Here is the message if you would like to watch it, you really should!!

So ladies and gentleman, who are not married yet, this is for you! Wait! Wait until you have found the one who puts you first, that makes your dreams their own, that cares for you more then they care for themselves. I never fully knew how good of a husband he was because we have been together since we were 15 so I don’t have a lot of other previous boyfriend experience to compare to. But now the older I am and the more I am surrounded by other married couples I am saddened by the lack of care they have for each other, and that I never noticed I was blessed to have. Again, we all have our off days, we can all be selfish sometimes, but wait to get married until you find that one that puts you at the top of their list everyday. Likewise though, you must put them at the top of YOUR list!

If you are currently married and feel like you are lacking the care and kindness in your marriage, seriously watch the above video. Even if your not religious this video is great for EVERYONE. It is so insightful for couples and any relationships.

Well I better go, while I have writing this blog post, Jacob has made gluten-free, diary-free pasta for dinner, got The Office all set up for me, and is legit patiently waiting in the other room for me to finish, haha. So now to put HIM first I must stop this post and do his favorite thing (Watching The Office + eating) haha.

Like I always say, stay happy, kind, and loving others, and we will all be alright 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Karlie Colleen

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