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Hi everyone! Happy Monday and April! First, if you can’t tell the blog has received a bit of a facelift. I worked with the BEST designer to clean up the blog, add and take away a few things, but more importantly…more me! I am so happy with the way it looks, and excited for all the content I have lined up for my readers! Skirt-Band T-shirt Skirt-Band T-shirt Skirt-Band Skirt-Band Skirt-Band T-shirt

In other news:
This upcoming month Jacob and I will be celebrating our 1 year of marriage! We will be spending a little over a week in Hawaii, which we are both so excited for! My sister and her kids live on Kauai so I am thrilled to spend so much time with them! I have not spoken much on the topic of marriage/relationships on my blog before but that is something new that I will be bringing onto this little virtual space. I take “marriage” pretty serious, it is something Jacob and I work on daily, and I truly believe for any successful marriage you HAVE TO work on it DAILY. Marriage is exciting, fun, and really the best thing ever! But marriage can also be hard, vulnerable, and unexpected. I want to open up this topic more with other couples, talk about the important things that need to be discussed, for example:
  • Dating your spouse
  • Communicating in each others colors
  • Loving your spouse with their love language not yours.
I look forward to writing these lessons I have learned within our first year of marriage. I have a wonderful mentor that has been pouring into me for 2.5 years now,I have read a good amount of marriage books, and have listened and watched more than enough relationship guidance to talk on this topic for hours, haha! Skirt-Band T-shirt Skirt-Band T-shirt Skirt-Band T-shirt Skirt-Band T-shirt

Also, I have started a new eating and working out plan that I can’t wait to share with you all. I have been an athlete my whole life, and have always been a runner and gym rat but I am changing things up and so excited to share my journey with you all! Skirt-Band T-shirt Skirt-Band T-shirt Skirt-Band T-shirt

Last thing and I will let you go do something way more important,  haha!
I want to do a Q&A post so please comment below ANY AND ALL questions you may have for me! For those who are shy you can comment anonymous 🙂
Excited to answer all your questions! And to finish off this blog post here are some of the photos that just didn’t quite make the cut, or I guess if it’s the KarlieColleen blog it does 😉
(I love the bad photos, lol) Skirt-Band Skirt-Band Skirt-Band Skirt-Band T-shirt Skirt-Band T-shirt



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