Switzerland Recap

Switzerland has been a dream of mine for a VERY long time so when we planned our honeymoon I didn’t care what it took to get us there. Now looking back at that statement its pretty funny because I really did take whatever it took. Switzerland was by far the most expensive country of our trip, the most difficult to travel in, and the least amount of information on the web about. BUT it was totally worth it, even if the trip didn’t go as planned. Jacob and I had about 3 days in Switzerland and we packed it with zip-lining, toboggan rides, train rides through the alps, and a ton more! Unfortunately, the 3 days we were there it rained non-stop. Not the rain that you can adventure out it, NO it was a down pour where they cancel all events and excursions. The 3 days we were also there I got super super sick and couldn’t do much activity either. Needless to say we are DEFIANTLY going back to Switzerland (September 2017) so we can relive the dream again, haha. Let me tell you though, through the rain and clouds Switzerland is still one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. Here are the very few photos I was able to capture (yes my camera got soaked) and a quick travel diary vlog from the trip!


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