San Francisco | April 2017

This past weekend Jacob and I went on a trip to San Francisco! If you had been following along last week then you know that the whole trip was a surprise! I turned 22 last Thursday and Jacob had this mysterious trip planned for my birthday celebration/gift!


San Francisco In 3 Days

We woke up at 3 AM Friday morning and headed to the airport, I literally did not know where we were going until we arrived at our gate to board… was intense, haha!!


We spent Friday-Sunday in the city and literally did everything touristy, haha. This was my third time to San Fran, and Jacob’s first. But this was my first time doing all of the tourist attractions, so it was like seeing the city for the first time all over again!

Friday we did Fisherman’s Wharf, watched the sea lions (which Jacob was strangely obsessed with), China town, tons of random walking down streets, Gold Gate Bridge, and Ghirardelli Square!

Saturday we did the tour of Alcatraz (we were and are obsessed!), Haight Ashbury, Flower Conservatory, Painted Ladies, and North Beach/Little Italy.

Sunday we went to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, walking through some neighborhoods, and back to the Pier so Jacob could watch the Sea Lions one more time, haha!


It was such a fun and busy trip, just the way we like it!!

We are headed back to the airport Saturday for 10 days in Kauai! So so excited!

If you want to see our San Fran trip in a more visual aspect then click the video below!


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