Review On The Silicone Sponges

Review On The Silicone Sponges

If you are a bit obsessed with everything related to beauty and makeup than your social media ads have been blowing up with the silicone sponges! First, lets all agree how cool and creepy it is that all of our ads are hand picked for us and who we are. I swear my IG ads know me so well, haha! Anyways, my love for beauty is equally matched with my love for reviewing products (especially the weird ones) so when I saw the silicone sponge I HAD to order it and see what all the hype was about. To really show you all how it works I had to make a YouTube video showing the pros, cons, and even applying it! In todays video I will also show you a side-by-side comparison from the silicone sponge to the beauty blender!

Silicone Sponge Review - - See why everyone is loving the new silicone sponges!



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