2 Months To Go!

    We are almost to the 2 month mark until our wedding! I am so excited to marry my best friend and to start our new journey together! I have been planning like crazy and it has been a very stressful but fun time. I will be posting a ton of wedding prep posts in the next few weeks but for now I need to get back to planning. Here are a few film photos from a few months ago with Jessica Q Photography, she is a local AZ photographer that we love!



    Sedona Getaway

    A few weeks ago I went on a work retreat with my team members at Bloguettes. The trip was hosted by The Hilton Sedona and it was AMAZING! They totally spoiled us with stone massages, intense kettle ball workout class, and a Pink Jeep tour that had us nearly driving vertically up a mountain. I have always loved Sedona and all the beauty it has to offer. While on our hike up Cathedral Rock I almost started crying because the mountains were sprinkled with white snow, like powered sugar onto of a lemon bar (yum) and the ground had a million microscopic rivers of water from the melting snow. I know it sounds dramatic so say I almost started crying, but sadly its true. I have the tendency to start crying when I am in or see a really beautiful place. Trust me, you do not want to see my bawling face when I was in Ireland a few summers ago.

    If you have never visited Sedona before I highly suggest going. It is more beautiful  than these photos!

    CJ7C8894 IMG_5031 CJ7C8837 IMG_5027 IMG_4897 CJ7C8836 IMG_5003



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    Winter 2015

    Last winter un-married! Ahh!!!! This holiday season was so much fun and I hate to see it go but now we are stepping into the season of our wedding and I cannot wait to celebrate next winter as a married couple!
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