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Annual Friend Trip – Mexico

I am back from an awesome weekend in Mexico! Jacob and I REALLY wanted to start an annual friend trip now that all of our friends are done with their undergrads and make it something that we can do every year together while we are young and into having children and then into becoming old and gray, haha.

The weekend was spent a little different then most of “Jacob and Karlie Mexico trips” because of the hurricane in Texas there were heavy winds and light rain all weekend. We were still able to swim in the pool and ocean and play our beach games but when the weather really picked up we would go inside and play card games, lots of cards games, haha. I really don’t understand how the boys have that many different card games memorized, I have to think pretty hard to remember how to play Go Fish! I would say my favorite part of the trip besides being able to spend time with all of our friends would be the waterslide (yes, I am still a child), the dance party the last night (yup, still do those on the reg) or laughing so hard I literally almost peed my pants (that’s common for me if I laugh too hard). Unfortunately,  I was not able to vlog enough to make an entire video out of it because we were often outside in the rain, sooo this time just photos will have to do! I am so thankful that God has blessed Jacob and I with such amazing friends that care for us and others more than themselves. I am proud to be their friend and I am excited for more of these trips to come!

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    Love your post! This is soooo great! Plus you are so pretty!

    September 6, 2017 at 7:02 pm
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