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Hello friends!! I am back state side! The past two weekends I was in Mexico with lots of work before, in between, and now. That is the positive and negative of being your own boss. I love setting my own hours and the flexibility, but sometimes it is dangerous! I defiantly have an issue with working “too much” and I am not very good about working my 8 or 9 hour days. Ask my husband, he hates it. I easily put in 60 + hour work weeks BUT I love it! I have been working since I was in middle school, and have always balanced a million things at once but I was never super happy. Now…well I balance a million and one things but I have never been happier. Yes, there are days I break down and feel exhausted but I have my dream job and honestly dream life. I am not saying this to sound boastful but instead in encouragement to tell you to work your booty off and do what you love and yes it’s cheesy but you will never work another day in your life! Everybody’s dream job is different, mine was to be a business owner, do something creative, and be passionate about it everyday. Photography has been apart of my life since I was 12-years-old and I thank God for blessing me with a drive for such an amazing, tough, and rewarding “hobby” that morphed me into who I am today and ultimately became that dream job I had always hoped for.


The past few months I have been working on a massive project that I am equally terrified and excited for. It has been difficult building another business while still growing my first business, but I have a great team and honestly a lot of prayer to get me through this process. I won’t be announcing my new project until a few more months but I promise if you are a creative it will be worth the wait 😉


If you are reading this thank you for supporting me, it literally means the world to me! Please comment below your thoughts, questions, or anything! I would love to talk 🙂

If you are currently in a spot in your life that you are miserable use this post as your wake up call to make a change for happiness, whether it is a business you have always wanted to start, a new country you have always wanted to visit, or that secret crush you have never spilled your feelings to, DO IT! Life is way to short to live in the slow lane folks.


Karlie Colleen

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