Graduating From ASU

This girl right here graduated!!! A little over a month ago (December 15) I graduated from Arizona State University with my Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism from The Walter Cronkite School of Mass Communication. It is finally starting to hit me that I am DONE with school. The months leading up to graduation I kept thinking I would have this big “AHH I AM DONE” moment and I honestly I never did? It did not hit me when I took my last final, when I took my graduation photos, or even walking across the stage. It was just going through the motions for me and never really sinking in. But now, now it is. Jacob (my fiancé) is back at school for his last semester and I am working full time at a company called Bloguettes. The big “AH” moment finally happened a few weeks back when my sister said “oh shoot! I have an assignment due at midnight!” and then Jacob followed with, “Oh yeah! I need to finish that essay!”. I sat there thinking of what I assignment I needed to do or what teacher I needed to email, and I then it finally sank in, I AM DONE!!!!! It was a pretty good feeling, and of course I responded with a very annoying, “I don’t have anything due 😉 “.


This is my farewell post to school but not to learning. I love learning new things everyday and growing in my passion of video and photography. But to be 100% honest, when I look back at my college experience I learned SO MUCH MORE from my internships, volunteer work, and YouTube than I did in the classroom. I am not saying all degrees, schools, or students will experience this but I can personally say my college degree may land me jobs but the tools I learned from my internships/mentors and all my late night self taught lessons from YouTube and trial and error are the real reasons why I will succeed in my profession. If your in college right now and feel like you are not getting everything you need out of it, don’t quit! You need the degree, but stay up a little later and wake up a little earlier so you can teach yourself some new things and most importantly do as many internships as you can.

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