Goodbye 2016 & Hello 2017


Despite what many people have to say about this past year, 2016 really was the best year yet for Jacob and I. I graduated college last December 2015 so this was my first year with no school, yes it was amazing. Jacob graduated college in April and started his MBA in October. Jacob also received a blessing of a job with Grand Canyon University, and I was able to go full time with my photography business. Of course the obvious best part of 2016 was that Jacob and I got married! It truly was THE BEST day of my life. For people who know me personally I do not have “favorites” or “bests” and I was never able to answer the trivia question of “what was the best day of you life, or a day you wish you could relive”. I did not understand how anyone could have a specific day stand out to them so much and love it so much that they would want to relive it. The day after our wedding day, and everyday since, I understood. God blessed our wedding day, and has been blessing our marriage since.

When I look back at 2016 the one word that stands out is, adventure. From big to small we experienced new and exciting things. Like moving out of our childhood homes, graduating college, traveling all over Europe, starting new jobs, creating a home together, having our puppies be born, and of course doing this marriage thing. I loved 2016, I will always love this year. It brought so many good challenges, so many lessons learned, and love like no other.


Like a wise woman once said (me a few hours ago) “I’M ABOUT TO MAKE 2017 MY BUSSSSSINESS!” (say with an accent). I really truly am so excited about 2017, I can’t wait to keep growing myself, my marriage, and my business. I am so trilled for our upcoming travels ¬†(for sure Prague, Switzerland, Hawaii, and then a few road trips on the west coast). I am hopeful to meet some more inspiring women to call my friends and do life with. I am looking forward to watching our puppies turn 1 this year and maybe just maybe start loving me more than Jacob. I am ready to cry my eyes out while I watch my best friend get married in April. I am eager to see my new niece Ava grow and learn about this whole world thing. I am looking forward to watching Jacob walk across that stage to get his masters! I am so ready for all the personal growth and development this next year will bring.

So 2017, I will take you on head first. To bring more adventure then 2016. To bring me more “Aw” moments, to have me pee my pants from laughter a few more times, to put more miles on my feet then I probably should, and to make my smile appear more than ever before ( I am working on those smile line wrinkles, so hot, I know).


Thank you Lord for an amazing year, you have blessed my life more than I deserve. I am so excited to continue this next year with you guiding me every step of the way.



Karlie Colleen


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