DIY Under Eye Mask For Puffiness

You all know I am obsessed with beauty products and treatments. My possible second and third obsession would be saving money and living a natural life as much as possible. So in todays post you get ALL THREE 😉 Today I will be showing you how to make your own DIY under eye mask to treat puffiness. This mask is all natural, super easy and cheap to make, and can be stored for later use!

Lets Get Started:

Ingredients You Will Need:






Brew your tea! And when the tea is all blended and soaked go ahead and open that tea bag and let the pretty flower grounds all out!


Throw your cucumber into the mixture and blend, blend, blend!!


Cut your cotton rounds into crescent moon shapes.


Dip your cotton rounds into the mixture and place them in the freezer!


Let the masks freeze up for 30 minutes or more and when your ready to get rid of the puffiness or want to feel refreshed take the masks out of the freezer and place them under your eyes and relax! 🙂



I hope you have all enjoyed this post & video! If you try out this mask please let me know! I will defiantly be posting more face masks soon!

Today I will be showing you how to make your own DIY under eye mask for puffiness. All natural, super easy & cheap to make, & can be stored for later use! 

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