Ask Me Questions About Marriage & Life Update!

Happy Monday everyone!! It is Sunday night while I am writing this and I am actually home, in Phoenix, in my office. Like what?! In the past two weeks I have been in Seattle, home for 36 hours, Miami, home for 48 hours, and now while you are reading this I am headed out to California for the next week. Both Seattle and Miami were for work, but this trip is MUCH different.

This next week I will be at church camp with my high school students. For those of you who may not know, both Jacob and I serve at our local church every week by coaching high school students. I have had my girls since they were incoming Freshman and I cannot believe in a few months they will be entering their Senior year! Ah! Church camp is one of the highlights of mine and Jacob’s year. It is a jam packed week full of activities, games, services, and the best part reaching kids to know Christ. Camp has a really special place in my heart, because it is where I made the decision to be baptized many moons ago, and maybe even more special to me, camp is where Jacob finally knew who Christ was and what this whole “faith and church thing” was when we first started dating. If you want to hear that story, let me know! It’s a good one 😉

Now that my little life update is over, I wanted to make this post today because I have been working on a marriage post that will be going up this Friday, and before I hit publish on it I wanted to open the floor and see if anyone had any questions! My Friday post is about our 1-year wedding anniversary that we celebrated this past April 2017. I am recapping what our first year of marriage was like, our favorite parts, our hard parts, and everything in between. So if you have ANY questions on marriage, dating, us, or honestly anything, please comment below so I can share it in Friday’s post. If you are wanting to stay private with your questions you can comment anonymously!

I am so excited to share my post with you this Friday, I have been working on it for way to long now! P.S. there will be some super epic anniversary photos that I am dying to show you guys! And a fun Youtube video!

(Jacob and I had the pleasure to model for a styled shoot for Alyssa Campbell Photography, all photos below are hers!)


Photos by: Alyssa Campbell Photography

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    Love this post and the pictures 😍❤️ What’s been the HARDEST part of marriage this far? What’s been the BEST part? How do you two overcome a fight? What’s your favorite “simple” routine you look forward to everyday such as …. having breakfast together, watching your favorite show together, going on a walk together? What is your advice for young women (early 20s) that are dating in hopes of marriage?

    June 26, 2017 at 9:52 pm
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