My Bridal Shower!

This past weekend I had my bridal shower, and it was AMAZING! Just like my wedding day, I have looked forward to my bridal shower for so long. My mom, sister, Jacob’s mom, and my friend April, all helped with making the day so great! The theme was a “boho” look, so lots of feathers and florals. April and I DIY’ed most of the decor and my mom got the cutest desserts and cake. I do not drink alcohol BUT the mimosa bar was probably one of my favorite things, so many bright colors and of course lots of fruit. If you know me well, then you know I love nothing more then fruit. After lots of talking and eating my favorite food (hummus, chicken, salad, and fruit) we started on games and gifts. My sister came up with the cutest games that everyone loved to play. One of the games was a matching of Disney movie titles to their “love song”, this was a very fitting games since Jake and I got engaged in Disneyland and we are huge Disney fans. Another game was a ton of photos of myself from my childhood and everyone had to guess my age. Lets just say I was a very tall and mature child and everyone guessed me to be 10-years-old when I was really only 5, haha. The whole shower was so much fun and I loved everything about it! Here are a few photos from the big day!

Bridal Party-17 Bridal Party-21 Bridal Partyy-14 Bridal Partyy-13 Bridal Party-4 Bridal Partyy-20 Bridal Partyy-22 Bridal Partyy-39 Bridal Partyy-18 Bridal Partyy-25 Bridal Partyy-27 Bridal Partyy-29 Bridal Partyy-50 Bridal Partyy-44 Bridal Partyy-53 Bridal Partyy-40 Bridal Partyy-62 Bridal Partyy-36 Bridal Partyy-57 Bridal Partyy-5 Bridal Partyy-2 Bridal Party-18 Bridal Partyy-11 Bridal Partyy-203 Bridal Partyy-179 Bridal Partyy-183 Bridal Partyy-12 Bridal Partyy-163Bridal Partyy-38 Bridal Partyy-66 Bridal Party-1 Bridal Partyy-127 Bridal Partyy-67 Bridal Partyy-89 Bridal Partyy-140 Bridal Partyy-148 Bridal Partyy-151 Bridal Party-13 Bridal Partyy-153 Bridal Partyy-154 Bridal Partyy-149 Bridal Partyy-160 Bridal Partyy-212

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